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Be A Princess

Just because you weren’t born into a royal bloodline, doesn’t mean you’re not a princess in your own right! You, just as you are, are one of a kind. You are unique and beautiful, inside and out.

The secret to becoming a true princess is to feel like you already are one. So how do you get there? How can you feel like a princess when your life feels like anything but a fairy tale? Simple. Start with you!

Commit to Yourself

I admit, this is one I’ve been guilty of most of my life. I was so busy taking care of others and making sure the people in my life were happy, I totally forgot about myself. Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t completely a selfless martyr. I did things I enjoyed, I said no to people every once in a while, I tried squeezing in time for myself here and there but I always ended up feeling selfish when I did.

It wasn’t until recently I realized, I never fully committed to me…just me. I committed to my kids, to my jobs, my family and friends but when it came to me, I took a back seat. I even committed to men I fell in love with. I gave them my heart and remained loyal and committed to them. But…I forgot one important thing, by being committed to all these outer aspects of my life, I lost myself in the interim.

Does this sound familiar? All these years and I’m now realizing the first step to my own happiness is to first commit to myself. It’s a choice, even though sometimes we think we don’t have one. It’s about making the choice to commit to yourself and your own happiness, first and foremost. By choosing to take steps in your life to help you live a happier, more fulfilling life. Trust me when I tell you, it is the most important choice you will ever make!

Where do you start?

What is it about a princess that is so enticing? It could be her beauty and grace or maybe it’s her fairy tale life. To me, the most admirable characteristic of a princess is how she remains true to herself and to her heart, no matter what. A princess has a certain strength within her, that allows her to stay convicted and be true to herself and her heart. She may start out not having the perfect life, may even be unhappy in her life but she remains pure of heart and has an unwavering inner strength. She knows who she is and stays true to herself, despite the obstacles and challenges she faces.

Have you ever been asked the question, “Tell me about yourself?” Are you able to answer that question straight away or do you feel blindsided and draw a blank? When you lose your commitment to yourself, are living to make everyone else happy, or living to keep up with your family and friends, you tend to lose sight of who you are. That’s when life feels empty and you feel unfulfilled. Living solely for others can be draining and zap the energy right out of you over time. By focusing your attention and energy on yourself, even if just a little at a time, will actually help increase your energy and the joy you feel in your life.

I am not saying to become a selfish Ogre and cast aside your responsibilities. Nor am I saying you can’t or shouldn’t help others and be there for them. What I am saying is you need to be your own best friend; to put your needs ahead of others. Stop taking a back seat in your own life and get to know yourself again. No one will ever love or take care of you better than you. No one will ever know you the way you know yourself. If you’ve forgotten who that person is, who you truly are, that’s OK. It’s never too late to start. The choice is always there for you and only yours to make.

Love Yourself

You would think this is a given, right? I mean, if you don’t love yourself, who will? I think you’d be surprised to find out how many people do not fully love themselves, unconditionally. Are you one of them?

Think about it for a moment. Can you close your eyes and honestly feel love for yourself? When looking in a mirror, can you look into your eyes and say to yourself, “I Love You?” Or do you constantly judge yourself, beat yourself up for  mistakes you’ve made, things you’ve said or done and notice every flaw about yourself?

We live in a challenging society nowadays. Everywhere you look, there is something, or someone, to compare ourselves to. Be it on social media, in magazines, billboards, on television or in movies…the list goes on and on. Perfection and happiness are everywhere, right in our face, no matter where we look. That can cause us to doubt ourselves and feel like we’re not enough just as we are. Why am I not pretty enough, skinny enough, rich enough, happy enough? We compare ourselves and ask ourselves questions like those on a daily basis, often times without realizing it.

I’ll let you in on a little secret. No one’s life is what it seems from the outside. People typically only show us what they want us to see. They love to share and even boast about the good things that happen to them but there is much more to their lives than the glimpse you see from a social media post. Everyone has struggled, in one way or another. Everyone has negative self-talk and self-doubt. It may not be the same as yours, but trust me, it’s there.

Remember, there is only one you in this world. You are beautiful, special and unique. It’s time to discover the princess inside of you. Start living the life you were destined for! The one in which you are happy, you feel beautiful and special, where you take care of yourself first and foremost and most importantly, you love yourself…unconditionally!